Nano [Ӿ/XNO]

The lightning-fast, fee-less, and eco-friendly cryptocurrency.

What is Nano (XNO)?

XNO is the ticker symbol for Nano, a cryptocurrency that is fee-less, instant, and eco-friendly. Nano is an alternative to Bitcoin. Learn more: Why Nano

What is the difference between Nano and Bitcoin?

The main differences between Nano and Bitcoin are:

Nano Price

Where To Buy Nano

A list of the largest exchanges to buy Nano with fiat from around the world. These exchanges have the largest volume and liquidity and are also featured on the Nano Foundation website.

Warning: For informational purposes only. This is not investment advice nor financial advice. Buy Nano at your own risk.  Do not spend more than you are willing to lose. Exchanges are not a secure place to store money.

A popular global exchange. Not available in some countries, New York, or Washington.

The largest global exchange to buy, sell, and trade Nano. Not available for US residents.

Binance US is available to all US residents except those in CT, HI, ID, LA, NY, TX, & VT.


Kucoin is available to residents of most countries, including the US.


Bitvavo is available to residents from all over the European Union and EEA.


Okex is an exchange available to residents in most countries.


Huobi is popular with residents of South Korea, Japan, and China.

These are just some of the many ways to purchase Nano.

Other Ways To Get Nano

You can also work for Nano, get Nano for free from a faucet, or sell stuff for Nano.


Get free XNO, no strings attached.


A geocache-type app with free XNO.

Jobs For Nano

Sell your time and skills for XNO.

Nano Marketplace

Buy & Sell goods for XNO.

Win Nano at PlayNANO

Storing Nano

Keep your Nano safe and secure with these wallets.


Mobile wallet.


Desktop wallet.


Hardware wallet.

Paper Wallet

Makes a great gift.


Frequently asked questions about Nano.

Broccoli? 🥦

Broccoli is a Nano community inside-joke and meme. The Nano community likes to say that we are "Broccolish" instead of "Bullish".

Nyano? 😺

Nyano is a cute, cuddly cat meme that was born inside the nano community. A nyano is just a unit of measurement; 1 nyano represents 1,000,000 nano. But this unit of measurement is packaged with a cute cat meme to make it more fun.

Banano? 🍌

Banano is Nano's potassium-fueled cousin. Banano is a meme-fork of Nano, like how Dogecoin is Bitcoin's meme-fork. Click here to view Banano markets and exchanges.

RaiBlocks (XRB)?

RaiBlocks was Colin's initial and original name for Nano.  It was named after Rai Stones, which is a primitive form of money.

XRB was the ticker symbol for RaiBlocks.

In January 2018, RaiBlocks was rebranded to Nano. 


Ӿ is the currency symbol for nano, just like other well-known currency symbols ($, £, etc.) Instead of typing 144 nano, someone can type Ӿ144 and it would mean the same thing.

XNO is the ticker symbol for nano, just like other well-known ticker symbols (USD, EUR, etc.). Ticker symbols are used on exchanges, for example.

Learn more about the currency symbol and ticker.